ANSYS is one of UniTS Racing Team’s sponsors, which partners with university teams partaking in Formula SAE competitions, providing them with software, know-how and support. Thanks to that, teams can tackle computational fluid dynamics and computer aided engineering.

UniTS Racing Team chose ANSYS’ software to carry out simulations in order to develop aerodynamic and structural components.

The software’s thoroughness and efficiency allow a full design development and an integrated optimization with the aim to establish the most appropriate solutions.

Students begin approaching the software during their studies, hence the decision to start another partnership with the company whose program provides the licenses for the project.

The students’ design activities allow to develop a solid knowledge of both how to approach a problem and how to use the software.

The aim of this first year of designing was to lay the foundation for future development, in order to ensure a constant and steady progress.

The online events arranged by ANSYS were very interesting to our team, as they made it possible for students to gain specific knowledge of how to design the aerodynamic body with the help of the software.

The tools and information given by the event organizers were fundamental and allowed to put into practice what was learned and to use it in specific practical applications.

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